Photographic Food Atlas for Kenyan adolescents

The photographic food atlas has been developed as a collaboration between the Department of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics of Kenyatta University (Kenya) and the Division of Nutrition in the Department of Food and Environmental Sciences at the University of Helsinki (Finland). It has been developed as part of the capacity-building programme, The Kenya-Finland Education and Research Alliance (KENFIN-EDURA), funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The  food atlas has been developed as an aid for evaluating the sizes of Kenyan adolescent’s portions in an urban setting. It can be used as a tool for both research and in nutritional counselling. The photographic food atlas includes the most common food consumed by Kenyan adolescents and this is based on data collected from Kenyan adolescents aged 9-14 years in Kayole and Langata districts in Nairobi, representing a variety of low to middle socio-economic backgrounds.photographic food atlas for Kenyan adolescents. Read more about the background and development from HERE.

Get a copy of the Photographic Food Atlas for Kenyan Adolescents here:

Photographic Food Atlas for Kenyan Adolescents