Community outreach

Here you can find our key research results put into a creative videos to communicate our main findings back to the communities in plain language. The videos were made by the great KENFIN-EDURA students, who put their hearts and creativity in to the process. Feel free to share the videos with your friends and colleagues or if you are a health professional, you can even use these in your daily work.

The idea of making these videos came after COVID19 pandemic started and the team was unable to carry out the planned physical events in Nairobi. We decided to replace the conventional happenings with reaching out to the communities via social media. However, we had a lot of results to be communicated so we needed many extra hands to help us. That is how we came up with the video project course. During the course, our KENFIN-EDURA students, of whom many had also participated in the data collection phase, were divided into six groups and each of them were given a task of turning a key research message into two YouTube videos: one directed to people living in Langata area and other one directed to people living in Central Embakasi (Kayole). KENFIN-EDURA researchers mentored the groups. As an outcome we have several inspiring and impactful videos covering four main themes of the research project: nutrition, physical activity, obesity and family relations. All videos can be also seen at our KENFIN-EDURA YouTube channel:

Almost none of the adolescents reaches the recommendation of two portions of dairy per day

Presented by: Esther Anono, Consolata Chesang, Jane Gaby and Marysheila Rono

Kiswahili version

English version:

Adolescents spend averagely 10h sedentary of their wake time

By: Abraham Too, Munuhe Muhuro, and Ellyjoy Nyagah

Kiswahili version:

Enlish version:

Only every fourth adult reaches the recommendation of eating at least five portions of fruits or vegetables per day

By: Rodgers Onyango, Brenda Saina and Sharlette Limbe

Lifestyle of the mothers (especially food consumption and excess weight) are associated with adolescents’ lifestyle

By: Moses Wanjala, Sharon Chacha and Dorcus Onyino


By: Victor Odhiambo, Felix Ondiek, Alice Mwaura, and Bill Onyango

Over over half of the mothers are over weight and over a third are obese

By: Dinah Dipondo, Esther Mbatha, Annette Chelangat and Mary Mutua

English version:

Kiswahili version: